Thursday, March 24, 2016

Making Healthy Choices...

Take a Walk!

Today is dedicated to making healthy choices. I started my day with a trail walk at the WW1 Memorial Park & Zoo in North Attleboro. It's always great to get some exercise - but more fun when you find someone willing to take the challenge with you! Hiking along the trails, we maintained great conversation which made the time go a lot faster. Before I realized it, we had reached the end of our hike and both headed our own ways to move forward with our day.

I've always enjoyed getting in my exercise early, because it allows me to have that much more time to spend on the important things at work. Whether you are headed to the office on a daily basis or work from home, it's always best to start your day off right. Clear your mind, exercise a little and get some good nutrition!

Speaking of good nutrition...

Cordyceps - Fungi - Mushrooms

Did you know that Cordyceps mushrooms have been used for thousands of years and they are native to Tibet and southern China. In fact, because they were so highly prized in ancient China they were used exclusively in the Emperor’s palace! Moving forward to more recent times, Cordyceps have made international headlines... With great health benefits for our bodies, athletes have consumed these to help improve their performances. Most notably when Olympic Chinese runners attributed Cordyceps mushrooms to their world record breaking performances in 1993.

What's the difference? Cordyceps provide a wide range of chemical components and compounds that make them particularly valuable to our bodies. In particular... These amazing mushrooms are known to support heart health, maintain healthy cholesterol levels in those whose levels are already normal, and provide support to the respiratory system.

Here Are Some Fast facts:
  • Cordyceps are commonly called Caterpillar fungus, tochukas (Japanese), dong chong xia cao (Chinese: summer grass, winter worm).
  • During the Ming Dynasty, the physicians of the emperor’s court studied the Cordyceps fungus, and using their own experience and knowledge, improved its usage.
  • There are more than 680 species of Cordyceps but the most well-known is Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, Cordyceps sinensis.
  • The generic name Cordyceps is derived from the Greek word kordyle, meaning “club”, and the Latin stem -ceps, meaning “head”.

Keep It Simple & Easy...
Without a doubt, walking is a simple and easy way to start living a healthier lifestyle. The benefits you receive from walking each day are numerous! Get yourself up and moving to help increase memory, improve circulation, lift your spirit, protect from heart disease, and more. Many studies have shown that walking for just two minutes of each hour can increase your lifespan by 33%. Wow - If that gets you excited... What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the moment, with good weather, even before it warms up... Start moving towards a healthier you... Go for a walk!

Healthy Food Tip...

Eating well doesn’t have to be hard. Make simple choices to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Make a boring dish more interesting by selecting fresh produce.

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