Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fresh Foods - The Healthy Choice

Fresh Foods - The Healthy Choice

Does the thought of making a meal seem overwhelming to you? Most people tend to head for the “easy to make” ready-made prepared foods that are so common in our supermarkets. They are considered a “convenience” food for the busy parent. While our whole society has been affected by financial changes, we tend not to consider the end results.. Either by pushing both parents out the door to “earn a living”, or forcing parents to seek deep budget cuts to make ends meet. The end result is that with both parents working they will both be too tired at the end of the day to prepare a healthy meal for themselves of their children. Or with only one parent working and being on a tight budget, unhealthy choices will be made to help cut costs.

I remember when the TV dinner arrived on the scene. While we were lucky that my father made a good living and my Mother didn’t have to work… She decided to take up a career which often left her too tired to make a home cooked meal. Actually, my Mother never really liked cooking, my Father enjoyed it when he had the time. So my Mother would buy these novelty items because she could quickly heat them up in the oven and serve them for dinner. Did you ever eat one of these? They were horrible! While the picture on the box looked appetizing, the end result is some of the food was so over cooked that my siblings and I struggled to eat them. That didn’t last long, thankfully! But just the thought of eating a pre-made food, where it was typically not very nutritious makes me feel really ill even today.

Actually, cooking fresh healthy meals does not have to be complex. With all the great simple recipes easily accessible to us via social media the choices are boundless. I have two daughters and often times when they ask me to cook something different, I ask them to give me a recipe. My younger daughter will roll her eyes and tell me to just look on Pinterest. So I tell her to find a recipe she likes and send me the Pin. Really it’s as easy as that. While my younger daughter wants to eat some healthy vegetarian foods, she often looks to me to come up with a plan. Pinterest is just one of the ways you can find some great simple recipes that are healthy and don’t take a whole lot of time to cook.

Like the avocados and spinach in the picture above, some meals can be very simple. Instead of always thinking of meals that need to be complex, find some simple whole foods that are naturally healthier for you and eat those instead. For example, instead of the typical toast with jam or cream cheese… I’ve taken to making my toast with vegan butter spread and avocados in the morning for breakfast. I really enjoy avocados and can’t seem to get enough of them. So it’s a very simple breakfast that I just throw together for a quick meal. I like to round it off with a cup of coffee. That’s just one of the splurges I can’t seem to give up entirely. But that’s okay. I get the rest of my morning greens by taking my Wild New Earth Nutrients.

This is a true "Force of Nature" which I enjoy taking with my breakfast. These help me throughout the day as they aid in my digestion and my body feels better.

If healthy meals is foreign to you right now… Don’t worry, there’s hope. Take little steps to make a few changes each day... Start off with fresh fruits and vegetable - look for some all time favorites from your childhood! Then gradually add in something new. Pick a simple recipe from from my healthy board on Pinterest. Eventually, before you realize it, you’ll be on your way to feeling stronger and healthier.

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