Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Top Of Your Mountain!

While science is still attempting to unravel the finer mysteries of the brain... They have confirmed that the brain is a miraculous and complex organ. Your brain plays a huge role in all your daily activity. Essentially, it is responsible for sending and receiving the information that is vital to your body’s overall functions. Whether you are oblivious to all the minute details of activity going on inside your brain to ensure normal body functions or are actively thinking about your next move or action... Your brain will continue to work around the clock. Although the brain is resilient and strong, did you know that seemingly minor things can make a huge impact on your overall cognitive function? 

Sometimes we take ourselves for granted, and believe that recovery can be easily done... However it's not that simple. Missing sleep, stress, and lack of exercise can play a major role in the way that your brain operates. All of these could cause your brain to loose mental strength, seemingly to either put us in a fog or loose mental clarity. We tend to think about feeding our bodies, food to help stave off hunger, and consider vitamins, minerals, and proteins for our muscles.  Yet when it comes to food for our brains, we are like deer in headlights. Our brains need to be fed nutrients that will help it thrive and recover. What are you doing to feed your brain?

BioAgile may be the missing link to helping your brain function better. Many people are beginning to notice that certain nutrients are good for the brain. For example, Citicoline is a brain chemical that is naturally occurring throughout the body. It helps to maintain focus and concentration and support healthy memory function. BioAgile is a two ounce liquid shot of natural whole food nutrients which features Sustamine®, Wild Microalgae®, and Cognizin®, a patented, branded form of Citicoline. With BioAgile you may have found your extra EDGE for improved motor skills, problem solving and comprehension.


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