Monday, March 28, 2016

Pushing Your Limits

Do you ever push yourself to do more? Or are you just giving up when you get to that “certain” level. We all want to improve our minds and bodies, to get better in whatever we are doing. Yet sometimes we seem to slow down or not move forward at all.

Whenever we are working on self-improvements, for our minds and bodies to be in the growth mode, we need to stretch ourselves just a bit more with each effort. Reaching further for our goals helps us expand beyond the limits we artificially set upon ourselves.

Limiting how much you do on a daily basis will stunt your growth. If you are holding yourself back and waiting for tomorrow. You could be setting yourself up for failure and put your mind and body into a stagnant mode. Take a moment to encourage yourself to strive just a little more - to go a little further than the limit you set.

When we push ourselves to go further, do more, be more, we move ourselves forward in growth. I’m not saying that you should go out and run a marathon if you’ve never done one before… Especially if you’re not prepared to run one. But finding your limits only happens by pushing yourself a little more beyond what you think you can do.

Decide to put a little more motion into your daily life - start your day off with some exercise or take time during the day to do something to get you physically moving. The more movement you have, the more focus your mind will become.  If you want to improve your health, you need to push yourself to do more. Make a commitment to yourself today - start by taking better care of yourself, change a few of your eating habits and push yourself to get a little more exercise.

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